Statistic Country: Hong Kong

Num. of items336
Buy @ next open0.49%
Sell @ next open1.40%

Liquidity ratio59.49%
Current_Profit %1.20%
Current_Stop %4.55%
Correlation with clock18.38%
Return / Risk32.74%
Std Dev.42.74%
Max loss from peak33.75%
Annual turnover1.30097

Average level between weekly min and max
Cyclical clock phase
Performance Stats
A.I.Buy & HoldDifference
1 day change 0.29%0.52%-0.23%
1 week change 0.12%-0.69%0.81%
1 month change -0.45%-1.02%0.56%
3 month change -2.96%-5.39%2.43%
1 year change 23.84%15.06%8.79%
3 year annualized change 107.42%61.04%46.38%

New buy signals at next open
DescriptionCurncyLast TradeNext TradeClock
Dongfang Electric Corporation LimitedHKD03/1206/1212
Fufeng Group LimitedHKD03/1206/1212

New sell signals at next open
DescriptionCurncyLast TradeNext TradeProfit %Clock
Hans Energy Company LimitedHKD03/1206/1224.68%12
China Merchants Port Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/1206/126.45%12
China Shenhua Energy Company LimitedHKD03/1206/123.72%1
AIA Group LimitedHKD03/1206/12-11.00%6

Trend Long
DescriptionCurncyLast TradeProfit %Clock
Cowell e Holdings IncHKD03/1286.49%12
Zhejiang Expressway Co. LtdHKD03/1256.44%12
GF Securities Co. LtdHKD03/1242.97%1
BYD Company LimitedHKD03/1228.58%1
REF Holdings LimitedHKD03/1228.33%1
China Power International Development LimitedHKD03/1228.26%12
China Conch Venture Holdings LimitedHKD03/1223.43%12
iDreamSky Technology Holdings LimitedHKD03/1221.71%11
Nexteer Automotive Group LimitedHKD03/1221.15%9
China Water Affairs Group LimitedHKD03/1220.10%12
Geely Automobile Holdings LimitedHKD03/1217.84%8
Roma Group LimitedHKD03/1217.65%2
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. LtdHKD03/1216.59%10
Prada S.p.AHKD03/1215.93%10
SITC International Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/1215.86%11
Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company LimitedHKD03/1214.91%12
Get Nice Financial Group LimitedHKD03/1214.67%10
Culturecom Holdings LimitedHKD03/1214.06%2
CGN Power Co. LtdHKD03/1214.06%2
China Resources Land LimitedHKD03/1213.05%10
Want Want China Holdings LimitedHKD03/1212.44%12
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKD03/1212.30%3
Beijing Capital Land LtdHKD12/1012.10%12
Lenovo Group LimitedHKD03/1212.04%8
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company LimitedHKD03/1210.59%2
Dongfeng Motor Group Company LimitedHKD03/1210.28%9
Shenzhen Expressway Company LimitedHKD03/129.85%9
Razer IncHKD03/128.73%3
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding CorpHKD03/128.18%12
China Resources Power Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/127.86%12
VSTECS Holdings LimitedHKD03/127.80%3
Techtronic Industries Company LimitedHKD03/127.51%12
China Molybdenum Co. LtdHKD03/127.11%7
Bank of Communications Co. LtdHKD03/126.98%9
HSBC Holdings plcHKD03/126.05%2
Sinotrans LimitedHKD03/125.33%7
China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company LimitedHKD03/125.14%10
Genscript Biotech CorporationHKD03/124.53%12
China Logistics Property Holdings Co. LtdHKD03/124.43%12
NetEase IncHKD03/124.20%2
Bank of China LimitedHKD03/124.03%1
Jiangsu Expressway Company LimitedHKD03/124.01%8
COFCO Joycome Foods LimitedHKD03/123.97%7
The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) LimitedHKD02/123.26%8
Emperor Watch & Jewellery LimitedHKD03/122.97%2
China Construction Bank CorporationHKD03/121.91%7
China CITIC Bank Corporation LimitedHKD03/121.77%7
Minth Group LimitedHKD03/121.67%1
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. LtdHKD03/121.55%6
China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings LimitedHKD03/121.46%7
BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedHKD03/121.44%8
Anhui Expressway Company LimitedHKD03/121.34%12
HKT Trust and HKT LimitedHKD03/121.15%1
PetroChina Company LimitedHKD03/121.01%2
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitedHKD03/120.23%8
CLP Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-0.29%3
China National Building Material Company LimitedHKD03/12-0.44%7
Wharf Real Estate Investment Company LimitedHKD03/12-0.62%3
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure LimitedHKD03/12-0.65%2
Fountain Set (Holdings) LimitedHKD03/12-0.74%1
CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company LimitedHKD03/12-0.93%6
China Merchants Securities Co. LtdHKD03/12-0.97%1
China Shanshui Cement Group LimitedHKD03/12-1.00%7
Hysan Development Company LimitedHKD03/12-1.03%6
DaChan Food (Asia) LimitedHKD03/12-1.32%7
CITIC LimitedHKD03/12-1.48%7
MTR Corporation LimitedHKD03/12-2.02%7
The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China LimitedHKD03/12-2.11%7
Postal Savings Bank of China Co. LtdHKD03/12-2.26%1
CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Company LimitedHKD03/12-2.61%7
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/12-3.45%6
WuXi Biologics (Cayman) IncHKD03/12-4.27%7
China Rare Earth Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-4.94%7
China Mengniu Dairy Company LimitedHKD03/12-5.12%2
China Oilfield Services LimitedHKD03/12-5.22%6
CK Infrastructure Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-5.73%1
Xinyi Solar Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-5.88%7
Kingsoft Corporation LimitedHKD03/12-6.21%6
New World Development Company LimitedHKD03/12-6.32%7
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation LimitedHKD03/12-6.75%2
Tencent Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-7.29%7
PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedHKD03/12-7.34%3
Great Wall Motor Company LimitedHKD03/12-7.86%1
ZTE CorporationHKD03/12-7.98%6
Viva China Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-8.00%1
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. LtdHKD03/12-8.51%9
APT Satellite Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-9.91%2
Datang International Power Generation Co. LtdHKD03/12-12.33%3
Tsaker Chemical Group LimitedHKD03/12-12.42%4
Zhaojin Mining Industry Company LimitedHKD03/12-12.52%3
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co. LtdHKD03/12-13.47%3
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. LtdHKD03/12-14.29%2
China Communications Services Corporation LimitedHKD03/12-14.97%7
China Modern Dairy Holdings LtdHKD03/12-15.13%6
China State Construction Development Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-15.45%1
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group LimitedHKD03/12-15.81%3
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company LimitedHKD03/12-18.09%6
Flat Glass Group Co. LtdHKD03/12-21.76%3
Samsonite International S.AHKD03/12-22.35%9
China Pioneer Pharma Holdings LimitedHKD03/12-23.18%3
Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHKD03/129
COSCO SHIPPING Ports LimitedHKD03/121

Trend Out
DescriptionCurncyLast TradeClock
Ganfeng Lithium Co. LtdHKD03/124
Yadea Group Holdings LtdHKD03/127
Theme International Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Hainan Meilan International Airport Company LimitedHKD03/126
AK Medical Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Scholar Education GroupHKD03/129
Li Ning Company LimitedHKD03/121
Yeahka LimitedHKD03/126
Hua Hong Semiconductor LimitedHKD03/121
ANTA Sports Products LimitedHKD03/125
ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co. LtdHKD03/126
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co. LtdHKD03/123
B & S International Holdings LtdHKD03/126
Xiaomi CorporationHKD03/126
Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company LimitedHKD03/126
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co. LtdHKD03/125
Yanzhou Coal Mining Company LimitedHKD03/121
Chinasoft International LimitedHKD03/122
Country Garden Services Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/126
Zijin Mining Group Company LimitedHKD03/122
Add New Energy Investment Holdings Group LimitedHKD02/126
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. LtdHKD03/124
Koolearn Technology Holding LimitedHKD03/128
Haidilao International Holding LtdHKD03/126
Ever Harvest Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
IBO Technology Company LimitedHKD03/126
China Overseas Property Holdings LimitedHKD03/122
Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company LimitedHKD03/126
Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationHKD03/126
China Youzan LimitedHKD03/126
China Hanking Holdings LimitedHKD03/125
FIH Mobile LimitedHKD03/122
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. LtdHKD03/126
EEKA Fashion Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Xinyi Energy Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
SJM Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
China Feihe LimitedHKD03/126
GCL New Energy Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
China XLX Fertiliser LtdHKD03/124
China Lesso Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/125
Greentown China Holdings LimitedHKD03/121
Orient Overseas (International) LimitedHKD03/122
Xinyi Glass Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedHKD03/126
China Medical System Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Orient Securities Company LimitedHKD03/1210
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. LtdHKD03/126
Kingboard Holdings LimitedHKD03/122
Pacific Basin Shipping LimitedHKD03/128
Hope Education Group Co. LtdHKD03/127
Golden Throat Holdings Group Company LimitedHKD03/126
BeiGene LtdHKD03/123
Longfor Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/128
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHKD03/124
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedHKD03/126
China East Education Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
China Renaissance Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Genertec Universal Medical Group Company LimitedHKD03/126
Gome Finance Technology Co. LtdHKD03/126
ASM Pacific Technology LimitedHKD03/126
Shoucheng Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
China Merchants Bank Co. LtdHKD03/122
Shenzhou International Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/124
SOHO China LimitedHKD03/126
Sun Art Retail Group LimitedHKD03/126
Honma Golf LimitedHKD03/128
China Gas Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Yixin Group LimitedHKD03/126
Sunac China Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
China Evergrande GroupHKD03/126
Cogobuy GroupHKD03/124
SUNeVision Holdings LtdHKD03/124
Lee and Man Paper Manufacturing LimitedHKD03/125
Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) LimitedHKD03/126
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group LimitedHKD03/125
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. LimitedHKD03/124
Kunlun Energy Company LimitedHKD03/122
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. LtdHKD03/128
Tsingtao Brewery Company LimitedHKD03/127
China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. LtdHKD03/124
Uni-President China Holdings LtdHKD03/1210
Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company LimitedHKD03/1212
CITIC Securities Company LimitedHKD03/122
Sino Biopharmaceutical LimitedHKD03/126
ESR Cayman LimitedHKD03/128
China Tower Corporation LimitedHKD03/126
ENN Energy Holdings LimitedHKD03/122
China Vanke Co. LtdHKD03/127
Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company LimitedHKD03/126
China Coal Energy Company LimitedHKD03/123
Country Garden Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/127
China Education Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Agile Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
CA Cultural Technology Group LimitedHKD06/106
Tianneng Power International LimitedHKD03/126
Shimao Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/126 IncHKD03/1210
Jiangxi Copper Company LimitedHKD03/126
Evergrande Property Services Group LimitedHKD03/126
Melco International Development LimitedHKD03/127
Xinchen China Power Holdings LimitedHKD03/122
Everbright Securities Company LimitedHKD03/126
BOC Aviation LimitedHKD03/127
Nongfu Spring Co. LtdHKD03/1211
China New Higher Education Group LimitedHKD03/126
JD Health International IncHKD03/126
Angang Steel Company LimitedHKD03/126
Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedHKD03/125
COSCO SHIPPING Development Co. LtdHKD03/123
Stella International Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Shimao Services Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Wisdom Education International Holdings Company LimitedHKD26/117
China Everbright Bank Company LimitedHKD03/125
Swire Pacific LimitedHKD03/126
EGL Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/127
Huatai Securities Co. LtdHKD03/128
Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/125
China Galaxy Securities Co. LtdHKD03/124
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China LtdHKD03/126
Sinofert Holdings LimitedHKD03/124
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation LimitedHKD03/127
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International LimitedHKD03/125
Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) LimitedHKD03/127
Budweiser Brewing Company APAC LimitedHKD03/127
Alibaba Health Information Technology LimitedHKD03/126
China Life Insurance Company LimitedHKD03/126
Metallurgical Corporation of China LtdHKD03/124
Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation LimitedHKD03/126
Galaxy Entertainment Group LimitedHKD03/126
China Tian Lun Gas Holdings LimitedHKD03/1212
Guangdong Investment LimitedHKD03/127
Fosun International LimitedHKD03/127
Shenzhen International Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Sing Tao News Corporation LimitedHKD03/126
China SCE Group Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Haitong Securities Co. LtdHKD03/128
Power Assets Holdings LimitedHKD03/123
Ajisen (China) Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Modern Land (China) Co. LimitedHKD20/106
Link Real Estate Investment TrustHKD03/124
Anhui Conch Cement Company LimitedHKD03/127
China BlueChemical LtdHKD03/124
China Resources Cement Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
CK Asset Holdings LimitedHKD03/128
China Maple Leaf Educational Systems LimitedHKD30/116
Hang Lung Properties LimitedHKD03/126
China Everbright Environment Group LimitedHKD03/122
PCCW LimitedHKD03/124
Hang Seng Bank LimitedHKD03/123
Binhai Investment Company LimitedHKD03/124
First Tractor Company LimitedHKD03/127
Hengan International Group Company LimitedHKD03/126
Liaoning Port Co.LtdHKD03/129
Vtech Holdings LimitedHKD03/123
Weichai Power Co. LtdHKD03/128
Cafe de Coral Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
CNOOC LimitedHKD03/127
CMMB Vision Holdings LimitedHKD01/1210
3SBio IncHKD03/126
AAC Technologies Holdings IncHKD03/126
Air China LimitedHKD03/127
BBMG CorporationHKD03/126
Beijing Energy International Holding Co. LtdHKD03/128
China Cinda Asset Management Co. LtdHKD03/126
China Southern Airlines Company LimitedHKD03/128
Chinese Estates Holdings LimitedHKD03/1211
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co. LtdHKD03/127
Guangshen Railway Company LimitedHKD03/126
Hang Lung Group LimitedHKD03/129
Hengdeli Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Kingworld Medicines Group LimitedHKD03/127
New China Life Insurance Company LtdHKD03/126
New Oriental Education & Technology Group IncHKD03/126
Parkson Retail Group LimitedHKD03/126
Quali-Smart Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Zall Smart Commerce Group LtdHKD03/127
Baidu IncHKD03/126
Kerry Properties LimitedHKD03/127
Sinopharm Group Co. LtdHKD03/126
NetDragon Websoft Holdings LimitedHKD03/129
CK Hutchison Holdings LimitedHKD03/127
Xinyang Maojian Group LimitedHKD03/126
Tian Ge Interactive Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Shangri-La Asia LimitedHKD03/126
Beijing Capital International Airport Company LimitedHKD03/127
China Eastern Airlines Corporation LimitedHKD03/127
China Resources Gas Group LimitedHKD03/124
China Telecom Corporation LimitedHKD03/125
China Communications Construction Company LimitedHKD03/123
Kuaishou TechnologyHKD03/126
Shanghai Industrial Holdings LimitedHKD03/125
China Mobile LimitedHKD03/128
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company LimitedHKD03/126
China Minsheng Banking Corp. LtdHKD03/127
China Overseas Land & Investment LimitedHKD03/129
Luk Fook Holdings (International) LimitedHKD03/124
Kangda International Environmental Company LimitedHKD03/124
Swire Properties LimitedHKD03/126
The Bank of East Asia LimitedHKD03/126
Beijing North Star Company LimitedHKD03/126
Sichuan Expressway Company LimitedHKD03/123
Beijing Enterprises Water Group LimitedHKD03/125
China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedHKD03/126
Shanghai Electric Group Company LimitedHKD03/129
China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationHKD03/124
CRRC Corporation LimitedHKD03/128
Agricultural Bank of China LimitedHKD03/123
IGG IncHKD03/126
China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Company LimitedHKD03/124
BC Technology Group LimitedHKD03/125
China Railway Group LimitedHKD03/128
China Railway Construction Corporation LimitedHKD03/127
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company LimitedHKD03/124
Huadian Power International Corporation LimitedHKD03/123
Cathay Pacific Airways LimitedHKD03/126
Maanshan Iron & Steel Company LimitedHKD03/127
China Everbright LimitedHKD03/128
Huaneng Power International IncHKD03/122
Beijing Enterprises Holdings LimitedHKD03/125
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co. LtdHKD03/126
Sansheng Holdings (Group) Co. LtdHKD02/127
Luye Pharma Group LtdHKD03/126
Sinopec Oilfield Service CorporationHKD03/126
China Zhongwang Holdings LimitedHKD27/087
WH Group LimitedHKD03/126
Honbridge Holdings LimitedHKD03/126
Sands China LtdHKD03/126